Free Update Adds New Features to League Friends App

The League Friends application has received a brand new update which adds more features based on community feedback, Riot Games announced.

The League of Legends mobile application already had a Profiles tab but that didn’t offer as much depth as players would have loved to see. The update adjusts Profiles to offer a better overview, allowing users to sweep through Champion Mastery scores, most frequently played champions, buddy notes and more.

League Friends now boasts Match History as well. Users can access statistics for any friend’s games, including champions played, item builds to matches, creep score, K/D/A, spells, game duration, and more. Additionally, each match can be opened up to the full web experience for advanced and even more game statistics.

The League Friends application was initially released to connect Summoners with their accounts and friends lists. Over time it was improved to add support for Clubs. Until now, the application has pretty much been a source to chat with friends on a mobile device.

However, Riot Games intends to better the experience and usability of the application. “We’ll keep on adding more features over time—it’ll keep evolving just like League does,” promised Riot Cactopus.

The League Friends application is available on both Android and iOS. Note that the application only works with devices uses Android 4.1.1 or newer, and iOS 8.3 or newer.

You can send the developer important feedback regarding the application or your experience by directly visiting the settings tab and selecting “Bugs and Feedback”.