Phil Spencer Played The Very First Game On Xbox One Scorpio

2017 is a big year for Microsoft as the company will be revealing its upcoming console, Xbox One Scorpio. Now Phil Spencer has shared an update on the console and revealed that he has played the very first game on the console.

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Phil Spencer revealed through his Twitter account that he played the first game on Xbox One Scorpio and said that he is proud of the team.

Great day, Scorpio update w/ team. Played my first games on early Scorpio unit. Games played great, console looked right, proud of the team.

While the fans are excited about the upcoming console but many are concerned about the console’s price as Phil Spencer has said himself that it is a premium console. However, industry analysts have warned Microsoft about the pricing of Xbox One Scorpio.

Recently, Micheal Patcher explained why Scorpio’s price should not exceed the $399 mark. According to Patcher, if Microsoft drops the price for Xbox One S to $300 by the holiday then they would have a chance to justify the $399 price tag for Xbox One Scorpio but Sony Interactive Entertainment has already laid the gauntlet with PlayStation 4 Pro price.

Patcher, further explained that Sony will play smart and they will drop the price of PlayStation 4 Pro to $349 for the holidays which will present a problem for Microsoft.

Xbox One Scorpio will launch in Holiday 2017 and will be able to run games at native 4K resolution and will pack 6 TFLOPS of computational power.