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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough Main House – Get To The Main Hall, Garage Boss Fight, Hatch Key Location

This Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will guide you how to get to the Main Hall, which is also one of the main hubs for the game, how to survive the Jack in the Garage and where to find the hatch key. To make your way to the guest house, check out our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough for the Guest House.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough Main House

After surviving the Guest House you will find yourself strapped to a chair on the dinner table along with the rest of the Baker family and you are subjected to some disgusting feast. After a lot of violence and yelling the Baker family will leave you strapped to the chair along with a sleeping old lady and now you can make your escape.

Find The Hatch Key

After the scene at the table make your way to the adjoining sitting room and collect the handgun ammo from the drawer at the corner. Go to the kitchen and look through the bin for a “Herb”.

There are two files in this room, a “Home-improvement Store Receipt” on the wall in the dining area and “‘Newspaper Article – Missing People” in the pile of a newspaper located in the middle of the room. Through the kitchen, there is a room with a basement hatch that you can’t open yet and that is where “The Hatch Key” comes in.

Go through the door where the bakers went through to reach the corridor. Ahead you will a sign that says Garage but it is blocked with red tape and you need something that can tear through it. Head back to the corridor then turn around the corner where you will find jack and he will advance towards you. Just retreat and go back to the dining room.

Jack will follow you one way around the sofa so run around the other way back to the corridor through the kitchen. Jack will smash through the right wall, again run back through the kitchen and to the room with floor hatch.

Run through the smashed wall and down through the corridor and you will find the hatch key at the corner. Continue round the corner and wait there and you should lose Jack. Once the coast is clear, walk back into the room with the floor hatch and use the hatch key and go down the hatch. Crawl your way through and be sure the pick up the Antique Coin on the lawnmower on the left.

Climb up at the end and save the game using the save point on the table. Then collect the Main House Map. You will also see an item box on the side which can be used to store items and you can collect them through other item boxes later on.

At the side you will see a locker that contains a Herb and a Chem Fluid, these two can be combined. To the right of the door, there is a box on the shelf, investigate it and find the clasp to get a Lock Pick. Unlock the door and leave the room and the phone will ring, turn back and answer it.

Get To The Main Hall

Now, you need to trigger an encounter with the Deputy, he will appear at the other side of the window at the end of the corridor. After the cutscene, you will get a knife, however, before you go to the garage there a couple of Mr. Everywhere statuettes you can destroy.

One is in the Laundry Room under the save point and the other at the far end of the 1F corridor amongst the debris. You can locate them easily as they make a clicking sound, just give them a swipe of your knife to destroy them.

Now head back to the Garage, smash the crates in the garage to get some handgun ammo and use the knife on the red tape to make your way ahead and make sure you have some healing items with you.

The Garage Fight

After the cutscene, pick up the Handgun on the ground while Jack is busy. Don’t attack Jack just yet instead run to the desk in the corner and grab the car keys and use it on the car. Start the car and ram over and over by reversing and accelerating.

He will then climb on the car and a cutscene will play. The car will crash and you are almost done with the boss fight. Get out of the car and go away but Jack will give chase and grab you but the explosion will take care of him.

With Jack down grab the Chem Fluid from the corner locker as you will probably need healing, also grab the handgun ammo from the opposite corner.

Now head up the ladder by the desk where you found the keys. Then a scene will trigger but if it doesn’t then run around and gather items then try again. Climb the ladder grab the shotgun shells on the left and investigate the frame on the trolley. Fiddle the back of the frame and an OX Statuette will appear which will be added to your inventory.

Push the trolley aside and exit the Garage. Now return to the laundry Room to save and manage your items if you require to. Now head down to the end of the corridor and use the OX Statuette on the door to proceed to the Main Hall.

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