Resident Evil 7 Mr. Everywhere Statuettes Locations Guide – Where to Find All Mr. Everywhere Statuettes

Resident Evil 7 Mr. Everywhere Statuettes Locations Guide will help you find all of the Mr. Everywhere Statuettes in the game. There are a handful of these collectibles in Resident Evil 7, spread across the entire Baker Estate.

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Resident Evil 7 Mr. Everywhere Statuettes Locations

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#1

Location: This one is inside the laundry room, it is hard to miss.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#2

Location: Go past the large sealed doors in the main hall and find the jumble of chairs. Find the table tha holds the bobblehead.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#3

Location: Enter the Main Hall from the emblem sealed door, it is to the left.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#4

Location: Rec Room on the second floor of the main house.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#5

Location: Go past the Shadow Puzzle in the Main Hall to reach the drawing room. There is a small storage room that has one inside.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#6

Location: Go to the basement of the main hall to find one.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#7

Location: Go to the yard and head toward the trailer, the bobblehead is under the trailer steps.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#8

Location: Enter the Old House and go the gallery with the Shadow puzzle. Go out onto the balcony and head left to the Safe Room. Look near the storage box.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#9

Location: Open the path through the fireplace using the burner. Look for a small pallet against the wall before the stairs.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#10

Location: Go to the main large room of the Old House and crawl through the same space Mia did in her tape. Once you reach the Crank, look near the shelves beside the crawl space to find it.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#11

Location: Second floor of the Old House, you need the Crow Key.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#12

Location: Use the Snake Key to interact with the lamp in the Kid’s room to open the ladder. Go up the ladder to find one.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#13

Location: Enter the barn and take out the molded. Look near the fence posts near the top.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#14

Location: Once you have the D-Series Head, exit the safe room and look back above the door.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#15

Location: Find the lone shack on the boardwalk near the bridge beside the boathouse. Enter to find the bobblehead under some netting.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#16

Location: Reach the Bridge of the Wrecked Ship and move to the elevator. Enter blocked stairwell and look to the left for debris.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#17

Location: Go to the Wrecked Ship 2F and reach the room beyond the Bunk Rooms, use the ladder to reach the shaft to find one.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#18

Location: Leave the Safe Room in the Swamp moving to the mines elevator. Turn around to look at the shack, you will a statuette on the windowsill.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#19

Location: Before entering the lab you come across a large open area, there is a statuette here.

Mr. Everywhere Statuettes#20

Location: When you re-enter the basement from the Salt Mines during finale of the game, look for one in the room with the doll.

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