Resident Evil 7 Files Locations Guide – Where to Find All Files

Resident Evil 7 files locations guide will help you find all of the files in the game. Once you get all files, you will unlock the “The Devil is in the Details” trophy.

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Email From Mia
Location: Open the inventory after you enter the Baker Estate.

List Of Names (Front and Back)
Location: Go to the Guest house B to find the bolt cutters needed to free Mia. The front and back of the list of names is right next to it. Examine the back side.

Home-improvement Store Receipt
Location: There is notice board before the kitchen where you have dinner with the family. Look at the board.

Newspaper Article – Missing People
Location: Can be found in the living room.

Newspaper Article – Over 20 Missing
Location: Near the entrance of the first Shadow Puzzle.

Jack’s Journal
Location: Recreation Room behind the bar.

Jack’s Memo
Location: Recreation Room near the Antique Coin and Mr. Everywhere.

Travis’ Memo (Front and Back)
Location: Safe room right before the stairs.

Incinerator Room Memo
Location: Can be found in the processing area.

Memo About Relief
Location: Can be found in Grandma’s Room, use the Scorpion Key.

Doctor’s Letter
Location:  Can be found in Grandma’s Room, use the Scorpion Key.

Zoe’s Investigation Notes
Location: Inside the Trailer near the Gun.

Marguerite’s Warning
Location: On the other end of the door locked with the Crow Key.

Serum Documentation
Location: In the Altar inside the room locked with the Crow Key.

Marguerite’s Notebook
Location: Inside the room with the Piano, near the Altar.

Memo On Deputy’s Head
Location: Part of the main story.

Lucas’ Journal
Location: Inside the first kid’s room on the left as you enter.

Torn Page From Journal
Location: Inside the first kid’s room, to the right.

Clock Memo
Location: Beside the clock puzzle inside the Master Bedroom.

Memo On Burnt Corpse
Location: Part of the main story.

E-Necrotoxin Document
Location: On the machine you used to develop E-Necrotoxin, inside the lab.

Infection Report
Location: Inside the lab, on a shelf.

Email Log
Location: Near the laptop inside the lab.

R&D Report [1 of 2]
Location: Right side of the E-Necrotoxin machine.

R&D Report [2 of 2]
Location: Go up the stairs after the E-Necrotoxin machine.

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