New Tekken 7 Information Includes Eliza As A Character, Season Pass

Gamesplanet UK has given out a wide variety of new Tekken 7 information today, which includes information that Eliza is becoming a character in the fighting game’s roster, and that a season pass is also a part of the game’s multiplayer, so players will likely get new fighters and stages for free for buying it.

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The information came from Tekken 7’s store page on Gamesplanet UK, which showed off what players could get if they pre-ordered the game. Eliza, the vampire beauty, was one of the fighters that players could get before anyone else if they pre-ordered Tekken 7, and now with the Season Pass there may be a good bit of paid DLC to go along with her.

The Season Pass, however, is the odd part of the new Tekken 7 information; normally the series creator, Katsushiro Harada, has said that he hates the prospect of paid DLC, and so Tekken DLC in previous games has actually been free.

While there isn’t any actual confirmation from Bandai-Namco about whether Eliza and a Season Pass will be a part of the game, Gamesplanet UK has held on steadfast to the information, though whether it’s true or not will likely be coming in the next few months, especially since Bandai-Namco has announced that the game is going to be coming out on June 2 of this year.

The game had previously been exclusive to Japanese arcade machines, and then arcade machines in general; June 2 will be the first time that Tekken 7 is going to be coming to consoles, a wait that’s had a lot of people annoyed, especially since Tekken 7 will also be including Akuma, one of the main antagonists of the Street Fighter universe. Akuma was previously put aside and taken over to Tekken to make room for 5’s plot featuring Necali and Bison.