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New Rainbow Six Siege Map “Coastline” Promises New Ways To Play

Ubisoft is getting to release its next bit of new Rainbow Six Siege map DLC, which they will be doing in the upcoming expansion “Operation Velvet Shore”. The new map is known as “Coastline”, and takes place in a Spanish resort located (in-game) in the region of Ibiza.

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The resort, called La Perla Blanca (Spanish for “The White Pearl”) will apparently cater to styles of matches that will normally flow around the sides of the building, ending at a central rush towards the center of the map.

This expansion will make Spain the most recent country to get hit by the rash of terrorist attacks that serve as the backstory of the game, where a terrorist group has launched attacks all over the globe, forcing the Rainbow Unit to be put together to stop them.

Other locations that have seen action as part of terrorist hunts include the United States, Japan, Brazil, Canada, and more, with each expansion also coming with a pair of new Operators, counter-terrorist specialists that each have their own various abilities and normally come from the same country that the new map is in.

Ubisoft has said that the new Rainbow Six Siege map will be getting an exhibition from February 3 to February 5, as part of the Rainbow Six Invitational gaming tournament that will be coming up soon, so we’ll be able to see the map in all its glory as it’s blown to bits by traps, breaching charges, and gunfire.

In the expansions, all players will be getting the maps for free, so you won’t have to pay anything to get more maps. If you want the Operators too, however, you’ll have to buy them, unless you have the game’s Year 2 Season Pass. In the meantime, the new Rainbow Six Siege map will hopefully be just as fun to play as the other maps in the game.