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Mass Effect Andromeda FOV Can Be Changed On PC Version, BioWare Says

According to a statement made by Ian S. Frazier, lead designer at BioWare, the Mass Effect Andromeda FOV (Field of View) can be changed in the PC version of the game. The information came from a Twitter exchange with a fan that was wondering about whether the adjusting could be done or not.

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Field of view is seen as vital to a large number of PC gamers, mainly because it widens the amount of game that the camera takes in, allowing players to see more in the game’s environment. This can help a lot of players that play shooter games like Mass Effect or Call of Duty or other PC shooters to be more aware of their surroundings, and thus lessen the chance of being caught off guard.

The width that the FOV sliders in games can be adjusted to run is something that is often looked at in PC ports of various games, and the Mass Effect Andromeda FOV and its sliders will be no exception. However, Frazier is unsure of how the system will be carried over to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game, where players might also want to broaden their view.

Players won’t get a chance to see whether the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game have the same sort of Mass Effect Andromeda FOV sliders available until the game comes out in late March (21 for North America, 24 for everywhere else), but gamers that are members of the EA Access program will be able to play it on March 16, at least a week before everyone else.

In the meantime, PC gamers that want to buy the game can rest assured that the game will have FOV sliders that players can change, and it’s likely that in the next few weeks BioWare will also release the PC requirements for the game.