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How Involved is Guillermo del Toro in Death Stranding?

Death Stranding is probably the most intriguing game to be announced this generation. Hideo Kojima is taking out the big guns for this one including signing Norman Reedus for the lead role. He also included Guillermo del Toro in Death Stranding but we are yet to know just how deep del Toro’s involvement goes.

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Many assumed that since del Toro was involved with Silent Hills’ development, he may also be a part of Death Stranding behind the scenes. However, del Toro has made it clear that Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s game.

I’m involved as a character. Kojima-san called me and said, ‘I want you to be a character in the game,’ and I said, ‘Gladly.’ He’s discussed his ideas so I could understand the character, but other than that I’m not involved, creatively, at all.

He went on to say:

This is entirely Kojima-san’s game. I think it’s gonna be a fantastic game, 100%. But this is him and his ideas. I’m just a puppet in his hands. My contribution is limited to being a cheerleader for his ideas and being scanned for long hours at a time. That’s about it. We did incredibly detailed scanning. It took about seven hours or so, just for the scanning alone. We did it with almost three time the number of cameras you normally use for medium or close-up models. I’ve done scanning myself in my movies, and I know that what he did allows me to be a real character in the game, for sure

Death Stranding is being developed by Kojima Productions for PlayStation 4.

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Source: IGN