Harada Reveals Why Tekken 7 Was Delayed, Takes Jab at Capcom

After a considerable waiting period, Bandai Namco finally announced a release date for the highly anticipated home edition of Tekken 7.

The latest installment in the fighting series is scheduled to hit shelves on June 2, a few months later than the previously hinted window of early 2017. According to game director and chief producer Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken 7 was delayed because the team was against cutting out any content.

While doing so would certainly have allowed the game to hit markets sooner, the development team took on the primary goal of releasing a complete and polished product that’s working to its full capacity from day-one. Speaking with IGN at a media event, Harada hinted that the Street Fighter V fiasco from last year was a crucial reminder to how the Tekken 7 community would react if there was missing content at launch.

We were trying to do everything we could to make that [early 2017] date happen… maybe to scale down on the content in order to make the master release, but in the end we came to the decision that [after] seeing releases from other companies, as well as some of the past of our own, where maybe things weren’t working 100% at launch, or maybe it was missing some content, that’s the kind of thing we wanted to avoid with Tekken 7, so we made a very difficult decision of moving it to June to include all of the original content that we’d originally planned.

Taking to Twitter, Harada apologized to fans about the delay. He revealed that the added time has allowed them to include several significant technological improvements to the game since 2016. Back then the loading times were exceeding the 1-minute mark on consoles. Now, the loading times have been brought down to just 15 seconds.

The home edition of Tekken 7 will incorporate a lot of features, improvements, characters, and modes that were missing from the arcade version last year. Posting on the official PlayStation blog, Bandai Namco Community Manager Dalton Link stated that it’s everything the development team learned from the arcade launch of the game.

Tekken 7 is coming this summer for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.