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Hajime Tabata Discusses Final Fantasy XV Singleplayer DLC And Upcoming Update

Square Enix has already revealed the DLC plans for the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XV. The most noticeable DLC for the game is going to be that includes singleplayer episodes focusing on Noctis’ companions. Now the game director has given some insights about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV singleplayer DLC.

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Speaking with US Gamer, game director Hajime Tabata discussed the changes and improvements that will be implemented with the upcoming Final Fantasy XV singleplayer DLC. He said that while not all fans will be happy with the DLC but in time it will be widely accepted.

The fans who have grown accustomed to playing traditional Final Fantasy games may feel uneasy about this unfamiliar initiative. That said, I personally believe the approach to updating single-player games, as we are doing with this title, will continue on in the future as a new trend.

He added that with the upcoming update the game will be getting some significant changes to Chapter 13. When asked if Chapter 13 was rushed? To this, he replied that the is was a deliberate decision by the devs but acknowledged that it was not a good one.

The direction of chapter 13’s content was a deliberate decision made by the development team. That said, the amount of stress inflicted on the player while running through this chapter was greater than we had anticipated. We believe resolving this issue will naturally lead to a better gameplay experience.

While players were upset over the fact that the second half of Final Fantasy XV becomes a strictly linear game but a glitch allows players to free roam across Niflheim Empire.

Final Fantasy XV is an open-world action adventure game developed by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.