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Blood Moon Themed Summoner’s Rift Teased for League of Legends

Over the weekend, Riot Games released a Blood Moon teaser image that confirmed a brand new skin for Jhin in League of Legends. It has come to light that the developer is hosting a Blood Moon event that intends to bring more than just a single skin for the community.

According to a preview video posted earlier today, the Summoner’s Rift map is getting a face-lift based off the Blood Moon theme.

Beneath the crimson glow of the Blood Moon, the land looks to be engulfed in an eerie atmosphere. The trees appear to be dying as they wither in long shadows while structures have passed to ruins. In regards to the latter; while the preview video indicates structural changes, we’re unsure if they’ll impact gameplay.

In addition to the new Blood Moon Summoner’s Rift map, Riot Games also confirmed a similarly themed skin for Twisted Fate, Diana, and Talon, alongside Jhin.

The new Blood Moon champion skins and the overhauled Summoner Rift should arrive on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) this week.

Previously, Summoner’s Rift had only two versions: the default one and a snow-covered winter skin for the holidays. The League of Legends player-base has pretty much made it a habit to play through the default map. Even the winter Summoner’s Rift returned last year after a hiatus of almost six years.

We’re assuming that the advent of the new League Client helped the development team make way for new technologies. This ultimately will help Riot Games make further graphical and other related improvements to the game over time. We’re likely going to see more events in the future which impact the map and layout.