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PC Graphical Settings You Can Sacrifice for Better Performance

When playing on a PC there are so many factors to consider to get the best out of your hardware. It is an open system so each PC is different from the other. Not everyone owns the best hardware out there so often you may need to sacrifice some PC graphical settings for better performance.

There are a handful of settings that have a high impact on performance but don’t really improve your experience. The following guide is not only for those with low to mid range PCs, but high-end users can also benefit and remove the excess fat for better and stable performance.

Supersampling – SSAA

Supersampling will take a toll on your hardware performance, hence, affecting the game’s performance. It renders images on a higher resolution than your display resolution. Unless your hardware is super powerful, try to avoid enabling Supersampling in your games.
It is better to use MSAA, CSAA, or FXAA.

DOF – Depth of Field

Those familiar with how the camera works will know that depth of field is a term that referred to blurring out background from an image. The effect doesn’t always look good as it tries to create a film like quality that isn’t suitable for every game. It is performance intensive so it is best to keep it down for better performance.

Motion Blur

The most useless effective and highly affects performance. You need to turn it off in all games unless you are playing a racing game. Motion Blur is probably the most disliked PC graphical feature, you should definitely avoid this in FPS games.

Dynamic Reflections

Dynamic Reflections makes every object reflect on shiny surfaces, water etc. Enabling this feature depends on the type of game you are playing. It eats performance so make sure you are not playing a game that doesn’t need Dynamic Reflections enabled, such as Overwatch, Battleborn etc.

Nvidia Hairworks

This is a no-brainer; turn it off unless you are using a powerful graphics solution. It does make character hair look great but the cost is too high and most of the time it can cause severe framerate drops.