Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons Will Include Plasma Rifles Too

Not a whole lot of information is available when it comes to Mass Effect Andromeda weapons however, some recent tweets suggest Plasma rifles might be in the game.

Talking about his newly crafted assault rifle, named Big Pew Pew, lead designer Ian Frazier mentioned that Mass Effect Andromeda weapons include plasma rifles as well, somewhat themed after weapons from XCOM.

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From the looks of things, players might have to scavenge parts and technologies before they can craft their own Mass Effect Andromeda weapons, similar to alien weapon researching in XCOM games.

While Ian couldn’t share any screenshot of the said weapon, just this small piece of information is welcome as tweets like these from the developers are pretty much the only source of information regarding the game.

Apart from talking about Mass Effect Andromeda weapons, which also includes melee weapons, Ian also mentioned that players will have character build choices in the game as he himself was running a pyromancer build.

While previous games in the franchise have also give players a little bit of freedom in their skill choices, they were still locked by their archetype. A biotic could not spawn a turret like an engineer while a soldier was unable to use Warp.

That however doesn’t seem to be the case with Andromeda as players can switch between builds at will as has also been shown in gameplay videos.

Another interesting piece of information that Ian revealed regarding Mass Effect Andromeda weapons regarding ammo consumables. It seems like whenever player uses such a consumable, the effect will last for the next 3 clips of the gun.

There will be no time limit on the effect of that consumable so if someone were to use it and then dispatch their enemies with just two clips, they would still have the consumable active on the final third clip even if the next fight takes place after a couple of minutes.

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to be released on 21st March for PS4, PC and Xbox One.