Former GTA Producer Leslie Benzies Creates New Game Studio

Leslie Benzies, the former producer of Grand Theft Auto franchise, has now finally created himself a new home by acquiring multiple game studios.

Serving as the producer of the franchise from the time of Grand Theft Auto III till GTA V, Leslie Benzies left Rockstar Games back in 2014 after a troubled “sabbatical” which resulted in him suing Rockstar Games for $150 million in unpaid royalties.

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Leslie claimed that he had been fired without a cause and was owed money, on equal footing with the House brothers; Sam and Dan who were his co-principals at that time since he was serving as the president of Rockstar North.

According to The Scotsman, Leslie Benzies has now acquired and incorporated five new companies including Royal Circus Games, Starship Group and Everywhere Game Limited.

Royal Circus Games has even filed an application with the Intellectual Property Office declaring the company will be developing games for consoles, PCs and mobiles.

The company has also filed a tradermark for a new game called Time for a New World, possibly a jab at Rockstar Games and their GTA titles.

There is no other information regarding the filed trademark yet. It could be a VR game as Leslie Benzies has also acquired a VR development company VR-Chitect Limited, which will produce both hardware and software for virtual reality.

Whether Leslie will continue to develop open world games just like he did with GTA franchise remains to be seen but whatever he does develop will definitely have a lot of people interested just because of his name.

After all, Leslie is viewed by many as the driving force behind what the GTA franchise is right now with GTA III revolutionizing gameplay at its time. For this very reason, Leslie Benzies was also given a BAFTA Special Award in 2005 and is a member of the AIAS Hall of Fame.