COLORFUL iGameGTX1070 GPU Revealed, Colorful as Ever

Colorful is famous for making some of the coolest graphics cards in the market. Recently, they took another step and revealed iGameGTX1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited GPU. The card comes packed with touch of sophisticated graphic brand NVIDIA and innovative addition of technology from Colorful.

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The card contains NVIDIA’s 10-series GPU and colorful’s own technology to enhance performance. Furthermore, Colorful praised its upcoming version of GTX 1070 saying that:

the iGameGTX1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited delivers 3 key benefits in a single package: aggressive performance, aggressive cooling and aggressive styling. Thanks to the cooling performance of the Silver Shark cooler, this new card delivers faster performance so you can game to peak levels without any hitch while enjoying cool and quiet performance

Moreover, the base GPU is a GTX 1070 that itself gives swift performance for gaming applications. Plus, it also comes with powerful cooling hardware by iGame i-Ring fan design. It also features a customizable RGB lighting that gives additional flair to your system.

Colorful, iGameGTX1070, GPU

The iGame family of graphics card is Colorful’s most powerful lineup of products and are designed to deliver best-in-class quality and performance. Colorful designs all iGame products with the idea of freedom and customization for the users and the new Colorful iGameGTX1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited is another perfect example of the perfect balance that gamers want to see in products from the iGame family

Moreover, the specifications are detailed below:

  • Name: Colorful iGameGTX1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited
  • Chip: GeForce GTX 1070
  • GPU: codename GP104
  • CUDA cores: 1920
  • Memory Size: 8GB GDDR5
  • Memory Bus Width: 256-Bit
  • Core Clock: 1657-1860 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 8008 MHz
  • Cooling System: 3 x Fan
  • I/O Display: 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x HDMI 2.0b, 1 x DVI
  • Power Connector: 8+8 pin