505 Games Announces Quarantine, Turn Based Game To Fight Disease

505 Games, the publishers of How To Survive, Abzu and Payday 2 have just announced their latest title, Quarantine coming to PC.

Quarantine is a turn based strategy game that puts players in the shoes of one responsible for identifying and containing a disease that can wipe out the human race if left unchecked.

Players have to recruit and manage their team of specialists who are capable of creating a cure for the disease.

The game looks a bit along the lines of a Civilization and XCOM hybrid, however players won’t actually be fighting be any physical enemy. The AI will instead control the infection and other catastrophes. The game promises a “Devious Disease AI” which will regularly evolve and mutate to keep the players on their toes.

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As the director of international biosecurity agency, players will recruit medics, scientists, security experts and other types of people into their team which are then spread all over the world to track and figure out a way to stop the disease.

To ensure lots of replaybility, the game has a pretty branching play style with multiple difficulties, tech trees to advance and even different types of pathogens; virus, bacteria and prion, so a 2nd playthrough might have players trying to counter a totally different disease.

505 Games released the official trailer for Quarantine last week while announcing that the game will be available on Steam starting 9th February. However, the launch will only be in Early Access for now as development continues.

There is no word on the final release of Quarantine or whether there would be a console version in the future or not.

Despite boasting a lot of things, the fact that Quarantine isn’t exactly a game with a new concept and its launching in early access when the gaming community is getting tired of Steam’s Early Access program could mean that this might be yet another failed release.