Resident Evil 7 Story Mode Will Take 15 Hours To Complete – Famitsu

Famitsu was able to get their hands on Resident Evil 7 and according to the review, it will take players 15 hours to beat the game. Resident Evil 7 is meant for people that are fans of survival horror and the Resident Evil series.

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Yoshida gives the game a 9 and says:

The Survival Horror basis of RE is still here yet the concept of the series is completely different this time around. The first person view adds to the fear in RE7 especially if you are playing the game in VR mode. Either way, the game still instills fear and worry into you as you play the story and you will through a unique story unlike previous titles in the series.

Resident Evil 7

Asada also gives the game a 9 and says:

Resident Evil has always had a rich horror taste, but in this latest instalment we get to feel the horror in first person. The RE feeling of finding key items and using trial and error in order to advance the story feels entirely nostalgic.

I do wish that there was more variety when searching for items, but when an enemy approaches or attacks is always a breath of fresh air. The standard version is extremely scary as well as fun, but playing the whole story in VR adds a lot more fear.

Resident Evil 7

If you are interested in Resident Evil 7 then check out the unboxing of the special edition of the game. The game will have the Play Anywhere feature which means that if you buy it for Xbox One then you will be able to play the game on a Windows 10 PC as well.

We played the Resident Evil 7 demo that was available to play and it seemed very interesting. We are waiting for the game to come out as much as the other person. Let us know what you are most interested in seeing.