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Zombie Vikings Switch Port May Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch

A tweet posted by the developer team Zoink has asked its fans if they would like a Zombie Vikings Switch port, showing that the indie developer that made “Stick It To The Man” might be joining the large number of third-party developers that would be releasing games on the Switch.

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Zombie Vikings is a multiplayer action brawler game for the PC and the Playstation 4, where players must take control of four Vikings that are on a quest to retrieve Odin’s eye. Boasting twenty-five levels across eight different worlds, over 40 unlockable weapons, and even Remote Play, the game got a fairly positive reception on release and, with the Switch’s emphasis on local multiplayer,

However, before fans of the game start celebrating, be warned that Zoink Games isn’t actually 100 percent sure over whether the game will actually make it to the Switch or not. While the video posted to the studio’s Twitter showed two people playing the game on what were clearly JoyCon controllers (the detachable controllers that are used to play the Nintendo Switch), so it seems like the trailer might be more a “proof of concept” thing.

In addition to a Zombie Vikings Switch Port, Zoink Games may also port over its original “Stick It To The Man” game, along with its upcoming title “Fe”, if they can. Considering how many other third-party studios are going to be working with Nintendo to port their games over to the Switch, a fairly small indie studio can’t really be too much more trouble.

With the Nintendo Switch coming on March 3, we don’t really know when third-party indie games will start dropping for the console, but hopefully a Zombie Vikings Switch port will be going along with them when the console releases. In the meantime, hopefully Zoink Games can find some success on the Switch.