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Top 10 Best Companions From Mass Effect Universe

Mass Effect franchise is known for is a diverse cast of characters which features not only humans but aliens too. Throughout the series, there have been a lot of companions on Mass Effect games but not all were meant to be perfect or good companions. However, there were many companions worthy of the title of best companions in the series and so, we are doing a list of Top 10 Best Companions From Mass Effect Universe.

Top 10 Best Companions From Mass Effect Universe

#10- Jack

Jack is one of the characters that make us sympathize with them. Jack had a very traumatic past as she was orphaned at a very young age and experimented on by Cerberus group. However, she is a talented biotic nonetheless and very useful ally in the battlefield who can obliterate waves after wave of enemies.

Jack Mass Effect

She is also cursed with the post-traumatic stress and a survivor’s guilt as she was forced to kill her many friends while being experimented by Cerberus. But beneath that aggressive exterior, she is much more subtle.

#9- Miranda Lawson

Commander Shepard’s initial introduction to Miranda was a best one as she is very cold and calculated. Miranda is introduced in mass Effect 2 as an untrustworthy Cerberus operative tasked to watch over Shepard. She is a genetically engineered human and is capable of holding her own the battlefield and unleashing devastating biotic attacks.

Miranda Lawson Mass Effect

However, despite her cold appearance, she is very much capable of sympathizing with other characters and she also holds a soft spot her genetically engineered sister which she wants to protect her from all evil and her father.

#8- Grunt

This list can’t be complete without Grunt who is also a unique character. Grunt is recruited by Shepard during his travels and is test tube baby as female Krogan are incapable of having children. Grunt is also genetically engineered and combines the most fearsome elements in the Krogan race.

Grunt Mass Effect

Despite being a super soldier, Grunt is not very disciplined but given that Krogans themselves are not very disciplined this does make sense. While this companion has his shortcomings but he is a very powerful tank-like squad member.

#7- Legion

Like the previous companions mentioned in this list, Legion is also introduced in Mass Effect 2. After aiding commander Shepherd this Geth sniper was cut down by an overwhelming force of husks but Shepard decides to bring him aboard the Normandy after completing the mission. He is very useful in combat through his use of combat drones.

Mass Effect Legion

Legion is also one of the most interesting characters in the game and gives us a different view of the role of Geth in the galaxy. As Legion is a sentient being he is in search of a soul that adds another layer of empathy to the entire trilogy.

#6- Mordin Solus

Mordin Solus is a Salarian scientist who is not only a genius but also provides some humor to the game. Mordin Solus has one of the most interesting story arcs in the entire series and also integral to the overall story.

Mordin Solus Mass Effect

Mordin is quite a cheerful and talkative character that brings a great level of depth to the franchise. While being humorous, Mordin is a reliable companion in the battlefield.

#5- Thane Krios

Thane Krios is one of the most tragic characters in the entire series but he is also one of the most dangerous ones as he is considered as one of the most dangerous assassins in the universe. Despite all that he has a very spiritual character that intends on making amends for a lifetime of wrong doings.

Thane Krios Mass Effect

Thane Krios is introduced when is suffering from Kepral’s Syndrome a fatal disease which is having a great effect and his ability to fight but still, he manages to prove his worth in the battlefield, however, his role is much more reduced in the third entry of the franchise.

#4- Tali’Zorah nar Rayya

Tali seems a very frail companion at first but she provides an effective defense for Commander Shepard. Her story is also very interesting as her entire race is forced to flee from their home planet due to a war with Geth.

However, this character needs to be managed carefully as her attachment to Shepard and the entire crew of Normandy is ver important. She also provides insight into the quarian relationship with the Geth, which plays a bigger picture in Mass Effect franchise.

#3- Liara T’Soni

Liara T’Soni belongs to the Asari race that composes of just females. Her initial introduction is a naive scientist but she is one of the most toughest and fearsome characters in the Mass Effect franchise.

Liara T’Soni Mass Effect

Laira can hold her own in the battlefield but she has to be managed carefully in combat. When done it right she can destroy waves on waves of enemies without breaking a sweat.

#2- EDI

Edi is similar to Legion is some aspects. She is an A.I that has a sexy body and also manages the Normandy along with Joker, who wants to have sex with her. She is also a very trustworthy companion in the battlefield.

EDI Mass Effect

EDI is constantly in search of what it is to be a human and maybe that is the reason of her relationship with Joker but her relationship with him is not necessary. Also, EDI has some fine dialogues in the entire franchise.

#1- Garrus Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian undoubtedly has an advantage when it comes to the popularity contest but this advantage does not come for his looks but for his skills. Garrus also possess leadership quality along with being a tough opponent in the battlefield.

Garrus is a vital part of the team for his immense skills with a sniper rifle which even Legion can’t top. Garrus is a must have companion in the battlefield and I personally felt regret for letting him die in Mass Effect 2.

So, this is our list of Top 10 Best Companions From Mass Effect Universe. Did we miss anything? Is there a companion that you believe should be on this list? Let us know in the comments.