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Playdead Teases New Project With An Amazing Screenshot

Playdead is known for developing the critically acclaimed Limbo and Inside and now the studio has teased that it is working on a new project.

Playdead announced through their official Twitter account that since the release of Inside the team has been working on a new project and also thanked the community for their support on the game. The studio also shared a screenshot which possibly represents the next project from the studio.

Looking at the screenshot you will notice that color palette is reminiscent of Inside and the game will take place in space. Also, the character in the screenshot seems to be an astronaut who traversing a planetary surface.

There is also what seems to be a comet crashing on the planet but given that the character has a parachute behind him, it could be a possibility that it’s his spaceship is crashing.

Are you excited for the next game from Playdead? What do you expect from the upcoming game? Let us know in the comments