PC Gaming Hardware Market Reaches $30 Billion Making a History

A research report by Jon Peddie confirms that PC gaming hardware market has gone up to $30 Billion figure. Moreover, the report covers the fact that majority of hardware sold was high-end PCs for gaming needs.

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The sale number in report covers pre-built and DIY gaming PCs, PC gaming hardware upgrades such as graphics cards, accessories and hardware peripherals. Furthermore, the report plots the future increment in growth of PC market at 6% CAGR up till 2019 after the arrival of new gaming hardware and AAA titles.

Below is the image that concludes most of PC hardware market is dominated by high-end gaming PC sales.

PC gaming, market, $30 Billion, history

However, the slow growth traction for consoles and more preference of PC is solely regional around the globe. With Asia Pacific leading with larger population size and lower preference towards a console for gaming. The Asia Pacific region totals $11.3 Billion PC hardware sales in 2016 alone. Moreover, a 7% growth in CAGR is expected till 2019.

Comparatively, other markets as such Europe and North America have a lower growth rate. North America sits at 5.78% and Western Europe at 6.63%. That is lower than current growth rate of 9.61% in Asia Pacific in 2016 alone. However, Western markets have a major lead in number of high-end hardware sales.

Western markets are more inclined towards sale of high-end PCs for PC gaming. To be specific, up to 43% of gaming hardware sales in West are high-end PC hardware sales. Jon Peddie Research further describes the three types of PC gaming hardware buyers as:

We know that gamers with lower budgets are just as passionate about gaming as those with more resources and are enthusiasts in the purest sense of the word, so we decided to transition to a more descriptive terminology as Entry-Level, Mid-Range, and High-End (from Mainstream, Performance, and Enthusiast).

All in all, category wise, high-end hardware sales stood at 43% with $13.045 Billion in sales, 35% for mid-range gaming hardware with $10.617 Billion in sales and 22% for entry-level gaming hardware with sales reaching to $6.684 Billion.