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New Overwatch Skins, Inspired By Overwatch Season Event Leaked

From what I have seen in the game there aren’t many Overwatch Skins to choose from and most of them aren’t that great so it is unlikely that you will want most of them anyways. A Chinese ad has leaked some new Overwatch Skins that are coming out for the upcoming season event, Year of the Rooster. The event is due on the 24th of January and this could be what we are getting on that day.

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According to the leak, we will be getting four skins inspired by the Chinese story, Journey to the West. Although the text on the leak is not in English this it what it translates into:

“Journey to the West limited skins. Year of the Rooster, free trial: January 24 – January 31.”

Overwatch Skins

Zenyatta’s skin is the Buddhist monk Xuanzang, the other tank heroes get the skins for the disciples. Winston is Sun Wukong, also called the Monkey King, Roadhog is the pig monster Zhu Bajie, and Reinhardt is Sha Wujing, a sand monster.

As of right now, there are no means of knowing whether or not this ad is real but I do know that there is a patch coming up because it is currently being downloaded by the game client in the background.

This could be an indication that there is an Overwatch season even coming up soon and that we could be getting these Overwatch skins when this patch goes live. These Overwatch skins are interesting and different from what we have seen so far. It would be interesting to play these heroes with these  Overwatch skins. Plus there is some background to the skins that will also play a small role.

What do you think about these Overwatch skins and which one are you most excited about playing with? Let us know in the comments section below.