Horizon Zero Dawn Story Trailer Released, Tells Background Of The Game

The Horizon Zero Dawn story trailer has finally been released, finally giving us an inkling of what exactly the game is going to be about. While the game’s gotten plenty of press ever since its announcement at E3 2014, there’s been very little actual story information from Guerrilla Games, the developers.

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The trailer tells of a coming darkness, a threat to the civilizations of the techno-barbarians that inhabit the Earth after some form of catastrophe, turning it into the post-apocalyptic environment that we’ve seen in the trailers. Aloy, the protagonist, is forced to leave the lands of her tribe after an attack by strange men in masks causes a massacre of her people.


During her journey, Aloy will see that the men in masks are another group of barbarians, who are resurrecting military robots from the pre-apocalypse world to conquer anything standing in their way, and corrupting the other robotic animals that serve as the wildlife of the game.

Aloy will have to fight not only these corrupted animals and robots, but will also have to “hunt” other animals in order to get components that she can use to craft weapons and tools.

The Horizon Zero Dawn story trailer also shows us some of the vocal talents that are going to be in the game, including Crispin Freeman (the voice of Jeremiah Gottwald in Code Geass, Itachi Uchiha in Naruto, Alucard in Hellsing, and other roles outside of anime) and Lance Reddick, who gamers might know more as Commander Zavala, the Titan Vanguard from Destiny.

While we can’t really know the true particulars of the story until the game actually comes out, so far the Horizon Zero Dawn story trailer makes it look like a fairly epic story that’s going to be more than Tomb Raider in a different outfit. Horizon Zero Dawn comes out February 28 in North America, and everywhere else March 1, exclusively on Playstation 4.