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Hearthstone Folks Need to Calm Down, Shamans “Don’t Win Too Often”

The Hearthstone community is pretty weary of seeing Shamans dominate the ranked ladder. Many have simply come to accept the rule of fiery nature’s spirits and are waiting out the months until a shift in the meta forces Shamans out.

Venting on the official Hearthstone forums, a player demanded to know when Blizzard plans to tone down the class. According to game designer Max McCall, Shamans are extremely popular right now but that doesn’t directly translate into an overwhelming success rate. In fact, Shamans “don’t win too often” in the ranked ladder when compared with the other classes.

He further added that there are a number of strategies that work well against a Shaman player. “They [Shamans] are all weak against Dragon decks (like Priest and Warrior) and Reno decks,” he said. “If you’re tired of losing to Shamans, play Reno Warlock.”

He reiterated that “playing Shaman isn’t a dominant strategy” but its grown popularity does make it monotonous to face a Shaman in one of every four games. The frequency of seeing Shamans is something that Blizzard is looking into. According to the developer, Shaman makes up over 25 percent of ranked games in Hearthstone.

“If they [Shamans] are too popular for too long, we will do something about it, as we did when we nerfed them a couple of months ago,” he added. “However, it takes time to assess whether or not a class will cause the game to feel too homogeneous for too long.”

The Hearthstone community was fairly puzzled over the insight provided by Blizzard. Angry players shared their own experiences and data from third-party sources to prove that many match-ups are mostly one-sided for the Shaman class. You can go through the whole, lengthy, debate here.

What has your experience been so far when dealing with a Shaman?