New Ghost Recon: Wildlands Single Player Gameplay Shows Off Missions

A new trailer from Ubisoft has shown off the Ghost Recon: Wildlands single player gameplay, showing how despite there being four characters to play as, you won’t be out of luck if none of your friends want to play with you. The video, 20 minutes long, takes you through two missions in the game.

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In those missions, players are working to take down one of the many cartel bosses that control Bolivia. In this case, the boss is La Santera (Spanish for “the Saint-Maker”), a corrupt nun working with the cartel, who the players have to “rescue” from the sicarios (professional assassins) of the rest of the Bolivian cartel once they steal her Bible, causing the rest of the cartel to condemn her to death.

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands single player gameplay we see takes us through the mission to steal her Bible, then the mission to rescue her, in order to deal a blow to the cartel by preventing the execution and making the cartel look weak by rescuing La Santera.

The video shows how the lone player can control his three computer-controlled squadmates, giving them various orders as they go through the mission.

The gameplay shows off how players can sneak through areas, pull sync-shots (with the squad taking out multiple targets at the same time), how they can order their squadmates to either hold their position, regroup, or open fire, and also how the leveling system works, allowing you to get new abilities and equipment such as an exploding drone.

In addition to that, we’re introduced not only to the cartel, but also to another faction that works with them: the Unidad, a military faction that the player can turn against the cartel with the right actions.

If you want to see the Ghost Recon: Wildlands single player gameplay, you can look further up the article for the video.