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Dota 2 Update Reworks UI… Again, Improves Shop Layout and Hero Hud

The loyal Dota 2 community has been finding it hard to digest recent changes made by Valve to the game’s in-game user interface. The developer has been keenly listening to feedback and today’s update takes all of that into account.

The new Dota 2 update brings various modifications to the Shop layout. Firstly, the item grid has been restored to the right-side with hero guides placed to the left. Popular items are now generated automatically for every hero based on the top 12 builds followed by players ranked 5k MMR or above from the past two weeks.

Additionally, the Shop interface now features a row of global Pinned Items section. Players can customize the shop by pinning the most frequent items used for quicker access.

Regarding adjustments for the Hero Control Console layout, attribute bonuses have been tweaked to be always visible on the screen. Instead of summing up attributes of a hero, values for damage, armor, strength, agility, and intelligence are now shown independently by default.

The size of HP and Mana bars has been increased as well as the area for multi-unit selection. There’s a new multi-unit icon in the mix which scales dynamically based on the number of units selected.

Furthermore, Valve has restored Hotkey support for Dota 2. Players can take advantage of that to activate Learn Ability mode with a prescribed hotkey. Additionally, hotkey support is now available for opening the Hero Talent Tree to select the left or right Talent branch (1 and 2) as well.

Earlier this week, co-founder and president Gabe Newell stated that Valve is always listening to its player-base. The silence on the developer’s part may seem like it has abandoned the community, but “it’s an integral part of their jobs” to keep tabs with the players. The improvements for the Dota 2 user interface certainly reflects that statement.