Call of Duty Pro Points Get Capped to Daily Limit

Following multiple requests from professional Call of Duty players, Activision has decided to cap the amount of Pro Points a team can earn on a daily basis.

In light of the new rules, a player can only receive a maximum of 50 Pro Points per 24 hours. That equates to eight Call of Duty matches won every day. Players will still be able to compete after the quota has been filled, but will earn no further points until the reset the following day.

In addition to the cap, updates were provided for both the North American and European 2K tournament schedules.

“The European 2k Tournaments will have their start time brought forward to 12pm GMT starting February 5th,” noted the announcement. “Finally, due to scheduling conflicts, the North American tournament on February 5th has been moved to February 4th.”

Prior to the capping rule, players were free to earn as many Pro Points as possible in a day. Many professional Call of Duty teams made it a goal to accrue at least 150 Pro Points on a daily basis, which basically meant having to put it over 14-15 hours.

The brutal schedule was too taxing on the health of players. As a result, many spoke out on social media platforms regarding the system. Teams had to not only grind Pro Points every day but also then make time to play competitive matches.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Following the announcement, many professional Call of Duty players went online to express their gratitude over the new changes. Teams will now have more than enough time to go into meaningful scrims and practice for main events.