XCOM 2 Long War 2 Mod Is Now Live For XCOM 2 PC Players

Back at the beginning of the month, news came out that an XCOM 2 Long War 2 mod, the sequel to a similar Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, was in the works. Now, that same mod is now live for PC players of XCOM 2, and is available via the Steam Workshop page on Steam.

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The Long War mods of the re-imagined XCOM series by Firaxis Interactive add new dimensions to the XCOM games, allowing the alien invasion you’re fighting to not only be longer, but also throwing in a few curve balls that players will have to adjust to.

The first Long War mod was so influential that Firaxis implemented that design philosophy into XCOM 2, so an XCOM 2 Long War 2 mod will likely make the game even more interesting.

According to the mod’s developer, Pavonis Interactive, the mod has a large number of new mission types to go along with it, along with a much longer campaign (averaging between 100 and 120 missions), infiltration mechanics that will cause you to have to send multiple squads out to multiple locations, and will also allow you to manage Resistance hideouts.

The mod will also include nine soldier classes instead of the four in the base game, including Sharpshooter, Shinobi, Technical, Psionic, and more. Each of these classes will also have their own unique secondary weapons. Speaking of weapons, there will also be two new types of weapons: lasers and coilguns.

Most noticeably, however, will be the new enemy types and more intelligent AI. While XCOM 2 was already fairly difficult, the XCOM 2 Long War 2 mod will add a new layer of challenge to the game when you download it and run the game with it on.

The mod is available through the Steam Workshop on PC, so if you want to download it it’s as simple as going to the Steam Workshop and hitting the Subscribe button.