Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Screen Leaks Online, Almost Bezel-less Design

There is a lot of hype surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S8 as it is the companies opportunity to redeem itself after what happened with the Note 7. This could play an important role in deciding the position of the company as we speak.

Samsung introduces some cool new features whenever it launches a flagship device and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the next phone that will be coming out soon this year.

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What we see in this leak is that there is a much smaller bezel and it is almost non-existent. This will most probably be for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge. We have seen almost bezel-less phones in the past as well but getting something from Samsung would be a great addition as well and it will be something that I think will be appreciated by the people as well.

Samsung Galaxy S8

There are a couple fo rumors surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and some claim that the phone will not have a headphone jack just like the new iPhone and that Samsung will be going with a slimmer design. There have also been rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not have a physical button up front which means that there will be no fingerprint scanner as well.

Rumors also suggest that besides putting a fingerprint scanner in the front button Samsung is going to pull off some trickery and that there will be a fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen somehow. I do not know about the last one and it does seem like a long shot but the images leaked could be proof that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will not have a front button.

There have been no confirmations regarding the device from Samsung and until we have the official word we cannot be sure about anything so stay tuned for more updated if you are interested in the Samsung Galaxy S8.