Overwatch Characters Re-Imagined As Cats In This New Animation

Overwatch was an instant hit among the game community partly because of its diverse characters that players can choose from. However, for those who ever wondered that Overwatch needs cats, they are in luck as 3D animator Dillon Gu has recreated some Overwatch characters as cats.

The video re-imagines Tracer as Chaser an inexplicably overweight cat and welding rolls of toilet paper. Reaper has been re-imagined as Reapurr, with fish skeletons for guns, Pharah as Furrah, Mccree as Meowcree, and Soldier 76 as Whisker: 76 who fires fish rockets.

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Public Test Realm(PTR) has been quite popular in the gaming community as players can try out the updates before they release. However, this feature is only limited to PC and according to Blizzard Entertainment, PTR will never come to consoles and for good reason.

On the PC, we run on Battle.net or the Blizzard [Entertainment] platform which is something we wholly own and control here at Blizzard, that means patching it as frequently as we want is very easy for us, and we incur any of our own risk to our system.

Overwatch is a first-person multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.