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Lunar Revel Begins for League of Legends, Make Sure to Get Your Free Icon

The 2017 Lunar Revel event has officially begun for League of Legends, marking a festive occasion for Summoners to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Riot Games is flooding the shop with new Lunar-inspired champion skins, summoner icons, returning legacy content, special bundles, hextech crafting goodness, and more.

Free Summoner Icon
You can begin celebrating the sacred holiday by heading over to the official 2017 Lunar Revel website in order to claim a free Summoner Icon. The Mark of Fortune honors the past and celebrates the future with tokens of good fortune.

Champion Skins
For the Chinese event, Riot Games is expanding the Warring Kingdoms lineup to include three new skins: Warring Kingdoms Azir, Warring Kingdoms Garen, and Warring Kingdoms Vi. All three cost 1350 RP each.

Additionally, each champion skin has a matching Summoner Icon in the store: Jade Emperor Icon (Azir), Jade Warrior Icon (Garen), and Jade Demon Icon (Vi). Each costs 250 RP.

Do note that Riot Games has also brought back past Lunar Revel skins and bundles. This includes Radiant Wukong, Lunar Wraith Caitlyn, and Lunar Wraith Morgana.

Hextech Crafting and Loot
As we’ve come to see with every event, Lunar Revel also features its own crafting aspect. Until the end of the event, Summoners can purchase a Revel Red Envelope from the store for 250 RP and unlock a Skin Shard and one random Lunar Revel Relic.

  • 3x Pauldron Relics = Epic Skin Shard
  • 4x Gauntlet Relics = Random Skin Permanent
  • 5x Golden Relics = Gemstone
  • Craft any three relics into a Hextech chest and key

The official League of Legends merchandise store has been updated to include Lunar Revel goodies. There’s a shirt on display, featuring each Chinese Zodiac with League of Legends champions. There’s also an amazing collectible figurine of Lunar Revel Azir.

The 2017 Lunar Revel event will run until February 2. Make sure to finish your crafting and purchases by then.