Hitman HDR Support Coming Next Week; Xbox One, PC, PS4

The HDR trend is catching up and it is happening fast. As more people are taking an interest in this new technology, developers are starting to implement HDR support for their games. Soon Hitman HDR support will be coming for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Hitman HDR support

The game will be updated at the end of the month on 31at January. Stay tuned for Hitman HDR support. According to the developers:

“As an example, think of 47 in a dark room looking out a bright window. Without HDR you would not be able make out what’s outside, whereas with HDR you can simultaneously see details inside the room and outside the window. Another extreme example is the sun. Without HDR we could not render the sun brighter than a white piece of paper, so we had to ‘simulate’ the sun being blinding. With HDR we can draw the sun several times brighter, so that it is actually close to being blinding, just like in real life”

People have been teased regarding the Hitman HDR support, now we have to see what the fans feel about this new feature and how the game will look different. If you have an HDR display then be sure to take advantage of this feature. What do you think about Hitman HDR support coming out soon?