The Division 1.6 Update, Last Stand Expansion Detailed By Ubisoft

Ubisoft and Red Storm have decided to give us the details of The Division 1.6 update and Last Stand expansion that are going to be coming to The Division in the future. The update and expansion will do things like expanding the Dark Zone, making a better PVP mode, and a new Incursion.

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Both the Division 1.6 update and the Last Stand expansion are going to be PVP-focused updates. However, more player-versus-environment options are also going to be added to the game’s world. However, the PVP additions are going to be coming in the form of an expanded Dark Zone (which will be given three new sectors in the game) and a new multiplayer instance, the PVP “Last Stand” mode, which will only be accessible to level 30 players.

The Last Stand mode is an eight-on-eight PVP, instance-based game mode that, much like the Underground portion of the previous expansion will also have its own progression system, with its own levels and ranks, for players to achieve while playing it. In addition to being split into two teams of eight, the teams will also be split into four groups of four, and must capture three points around a fairly sizable area. If you rank up while playing it, you’ll also get loot.

Also included in the Division 1.6 update is the addition of a Public Test Server to the game for the update and expansion. Public test servers are normally included in games so that the development team can implement changes and downloadable content and updates and actually see how it will affect the game so that they can put the expansions in and not have them break the game like previous expansions have done.

In the meantime, there’s no real announced date for when the new update and the Last Stand expansion are going to be released, so in the meantime The Division players are likely going to have to just keep leveling up and getting better gear so that they can be prepared for everything the new update is going to have.