Counter-Strike Team Astralis Secures Massive Audi Sponsorship

Astralis, one of the hottest Counter-Strike teams in the current competitive scene, has just secured a massive sponsorship deal with Audi.

“It’s fantastic news for esports and a validation of our world, that a non-endemic brand like Audi chooses to work with Astralis and Counter-Strike,” said Astralis founder Frederik “Realition” Byskov in a statement to Dot Esports.

According to sources close to the matter, the sponsorship deal between the Counter-Strike team and the largest German automobile manufacturer in the world is valued at around $750,000. Specific details regarding the partnership have so far not been revealed to the public.

Coincidentally, Astralis just got done celebrating its one-year anniversary. The Danish Counter-Strike squad was formed in late 2015 after it parted ways with Team SoloMid. Since then, the roster has been registering victories and achievements left and right. Over the past year, Astralis has positioned itself as one of the biggest Counter-Strike brands in esports.

It’s now preparing for the upcoming ELEAGUE Major which is scheduled to run from January 22-29. With Audi on its back, Astralis is one of the favored teams to win the event. Who knows, perhaps Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander and his band will arrive at the venue in a brand new Audi S4.

Audi is just one of two high-profile companies that embraced Counter-Strike esports this year. Earlier this month, banking service Visa hooked up with SK Gaming for a similar deal.