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Chinese Hearthstone Players Are Getting 1000 Gold and Card Packs

Yesterday, Blizzard announced that the Chinese Hearthstone servers are being rolled back by four days. The decision came right after a brutal power failure corrupted the game’s data servers on the weekend. While the community wasn’t too pleased to know that any progress made in the past days will be lost, Blizzard assured that significant compensations will be given to every player.

Earlier today, the compensation program was finally revealed by the developer. Those who logged into Hearthstone by 6 p.m. on January 18 will receive the equivalent to 25 card packs:

  • 1000 Gold coins
  • 5x Classic Card Packs
  • 5x Whisper of the Old Gods
  • 5x Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Players who used points, Apple payment, online payment, Tianmou stores and other channels to purchase items between January 15-18 will have their Card Packs, Adventures, Heroes, and Arena admission tickets restored. There’s important clarification here that players should know about the restoration process.

  • Arena Tickets: Due to a visual bug, players may still receive a single ticket as compensation. However, it can be used multiple times. Those who purchased five tickets, for example, will be able to use the single ticket five times.
  • Welcome Bundles: The previous collection of random Classic Packs and Legendary Cards cannot be restored or recovered. However, purchasing a new bundle now will net you 1600 Arcade Dust as compensation.

Those who used in-game Gold to buy items between January 15-18 will have their accounts restored to the same amount of Gold before the servers went down. There’s no way of restoring items purchased with in-game currency.

Furthermore, players who reached Legend for the first time will have the Legend card-back restored to their accounts. Additionally, the first 12-win record of Arena will be restored but at a later date.

The compensation program should kick into action tomorrow. Make sure to log into your accounts then to receive the goods.