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Battleborn Winter Update Gave a Minor Boost to Player Count

Battleborn Winter Update released recently and made so many changes, improvements, additions. According to data, we gathered thanks to Steam Charts, there has been a %18 percent gain in the player count in the past 30 days. However, last night we saw a decent boost as close to 800 players joined the game.

It is isn’t a significant boost and still, it isn’t easy finding games in Battleborn but this is a start. Overwatch took down Battleborn and the game never recovered. It was huge mistake releasing the game at the same time as Overwatch launched. At the time of this writing, there is once again a dip in player count.

Battleborn has potential and we think the community needs to play more attention to it. But for that to happen, developers need to add more features to attract more audience.

You can download Battleborn Winter update on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The update is 15GB on PC while consoles are 13GB (PS4) and 18GB on (Xbox One).

Story Mode Enhancements

Story Mode missions will have more guides and tools to lead you through various areas of the game. The Credit rewards have also been boosted to help you get an early edge on loot packs.

Two New Training Modes

Build up your skills before hitting the battlefield in two new training modes: Incursion Tutorial and the Dojo!

Incursion Tutorial: Hone your PVP skills and learn the key elements of competitive play in Battleborn. Your first play-through is solo, but this practice mode can be repeated with groups of up to three players.
Dojo: Take each and every Battleborn hero for a test drive! Learn how to slice, dice, blast, smash, and rocket your way through waves of minions.

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