Ubisoft Releases Rainbow Six Siege Teaser Image On Twitter

Ubisoft has released an interesting Rainbow Six Siege teaser image on their Twitter page, which comes with the Spanish caption “Veamos lo que se esconde en la obscuridad.” When translated into English, the caption reads “Let’s see what is hidden in the dark.” The Twitter post was put up on NeoGAF.

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According to the NeoGAF poster that put the post on the forum, the first new operators that are going to be released in Season Two of Rainbow Six Siege’s downloadable content are going to be Spanish in origin, which seems to be very likely considering the Spanish caption on the Rainbow Six Siege Teaser image.

In addition to new maps, one of the main components of Rainbow Six Siege’s DLC is the addition of new operators, new characters in the game that are each specialized in different areas of counterterrorism and are each from the elite counterterrorism units of their countries of origin. With two Spanish CT experts joining the Rainbow Unit, hopefully they’ll add another pair of unique characters.

However, we may not just be getting new operators what with the imagery depicted in the Rainbow Six Siege teaser image. If darkness is indeed a significant part of the new DLC, we may be seeing darker maps that would require skillful use of flashlights and other things such as flashbang grenades, strobe lights (which are used in SWAT units in order to disorient hostiles), and more.

Rainbow Six Siege had a good Year One when it released, and got a lot of different DLC released for it over the past year that has kept its online component alive throughout its first year. With a large number of DLC characters having already been added, the game will likely add even more operators in Year Two as well, especially if they can keep them reasonably varied.