League of Legends Will Feature Five Mastery Trees by Late 2017

Mastery trees are marked for “further improvements” in the development road-map of League of Legends this year, Riot Games confirmed.

Talking about the State of the Game, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler explained how the development team has for long been experimenting with the Mastery system to bring diversity and better choices for players on the Rift. However, “constraints of the existing Mastery system” have only brought to light one logical conclusion.

The number of Mastery trees need to be increased in order to introduce “interesting, useful choices to all the different classes” in the game.

Currently, League of Legends features three Mastery trees: Ferocity, Cunning, and Resolve. The developer hopes to increase the number of Mastery trees to at least five.

While no details were provided, some gameplay elements that the additional Mastery trees will cater to include vision control, improved utility aspects, and other important bonuses that go beyond damage and sustain.

Furthermore, Riot Games plans to work on Runes this year as well. The goal is to address some concerning points attached with the current Runes system, and offer “more interesting choices to make the pre-game power more recognizable in game (less plain stats, better feedback on what stats are delivering)”.

Previously, there was talk about either reducing the cost of Runes or making them free entirely. Chances are that the developer will be tackling the issue of price when it begins working on Runes this year.

There’s no concrete time frame to when the Mastery trees and Runes will be improved. For now, Riot Games is hoping to ship out the changes “late in the year” which hints at the next pre-season window. That being said, there’s always the possibility of delays.

What possible changes or improvements are you looking forward to when the Mastery Tree and Runes Rework actually happens?