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This GTAV Mod Lets You Play As The Green Goblin From Spider Man

If you thought that you saw everything that GTAV had to offer then you were wrong. This GTAV mod allows users to become the Green Goblin and use his hoverboard as well. You can now fly over the streets as the Green Goblin and explore the vast world of GTAV like never before.

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There is still a lot of work that is left to be done on this GTAV mod but you can use the hover board that comes can deploy blades at the front which you can use to stab people with and fly off with them still stuck to your front. The board also has guns and missiles which you can use at your disposal. You also have the option to use the famous handheld grenades as well.

According to the creator:

“I started making first the Glider features, then later i will make the Green Goblin powers. We also will have other glider model made by Rarefacer based on most recent spiderman movie.”

The cool features include the fact that the glider will come get you and you can simply hop on. The unrealistic thing is that the mod is overpowered and there is pretty much no way the cops are going to catch you or deal damage to you if you know what you are doing.

Seeing how there is a lot of work still remaining I have to say that this looks really cool and you should try this out if you are bored of the vanilla game and need something new to kill the time.

Try out this GTAV mod and let us know what you think about the mod. You can also suggest your ideas to the creator and surely your feedback will be appreciated. It will be fun to see what people do with this GTAV mod in the coming days.