Check Out These New Ghost Recon Wildlands Screenshots

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be the first title from Ubisoft this year that features a fresh new take on the series. Ghost Recon Wildlands is going to be first open-world Ghost Recon game and fans are quite excited about it. Now Ubisoft has revealed some new Ghost Recon Wildlands screenshots.

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These new Ghost Recon Wildlands screenshots depict the war against the drug cartel. Just looking at these screenshots make want to play this game. We hope that the game will just as good gameplay wise as it is visually.

Not only Ghost Recon Wildlands is the first open-world game in the franchise, but it will also feature the biggest open-world Ubisoft has ever created. According to Tom Isaksen, Senior Character Artist, Bolivia will be an authentic reconstruction of the country with 11 different ecosystems.

Well we have been working on it for 4 years now, it is almost there, close to release. We are very proud of it, especially Bolivia. It is interesting because it is a place not well-known. It is an authentic reconstruction of the country, and sure it is still a fantasy, but we really tried to create an authentic Bolivia. Hopefully, once you have played it, you will want to go there because it is a very diverse country with 11 different ecosystems.

Ghost Recon Wildlands in an open-world stealth action game in development at Ubisoft and is scheduled to launch on March 7, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.