ASUS Maximus IX Series Board Got The Intel Core i7-7700K To 7383GHz

It is not every day that an overclocking world record is broken but it is one of those days as the Intel Core i7-7700K reached 7383GHz on the ASUS Maximus IX Series motherboard. The ASUS Maximus IX Series board did not just break one world record but 8 in total and also won 13 awards in the process of doing so.

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Maximus IX Apex and Maximus IX Code are two ASUS Maximus IX Series motherboards that are new. These motherboards are compatible with the new generation of Intel Kaby Lake CPUs.

The Apex motherboard is an ATX motherboard that is aimed at overclocking enthusiasts as it comes with a cooling system that is built for overclocking. It also has 2 DIMM slots for RAM. Using this motherboard overclocker slamms was able to get the Intel Core i7-7700K to 7.383GHz.

ASUS Maximus IX Series

These records were made at the Absolute Zero event, the previous record for this category was 7,195GHz on the i7 Extreme 980X. 3 world records were broken at the event and the ASUS Maximus IX Series motherboards also claimed 8 Global First Places records in the 4 cores category.

We already knew that Asus made some killer products and it is one of the most well-reputed hardware makers in the world and this builds on that. We also know for a fact that ASUS Maximus IX Series motherboards can keep things stable at high loads and high frequencies.

ASUS Maximus IX Series

ASUS Maximus IX Series

This is a great feat for Asus and I am sure that the company is proud of what it has been able to achieve over this long period of time that the company has been in the business. Let us know what you think about these ASUS Maximus IX Series motherboards and these world records that have been broken? Do you own Asus hardware like many other people around the world?