Valve Confirms New Vive Base Station Coming By The End Of 2017

At the Steam Dev Days late last year, Valve talked about the Vive Base Station and that the company would be improving the design as it plays such an important role in tracking the VR headset. Now it has been confirmed that the new Vive Base Station will be coming out before the end of the year and here are some new details that we have found out.

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Valve’s Joe Ludwig shared that the Vive Base Station will start to show up later this year. He also said:

“The controller production line is still going strong and churning out controllers. The next line we’re building is for the base stations we talked about at Dev Days,”

“Using automation allows us to keep production local, which means our employees can be much more hands-on with the manufacturing process. That works a lot better with how Valve works, so we’ll probably keep doing that going forward.”

Difference In Vive Base Station Design

The difference in the design of the two Vive Base Stations is that the current one comes with two rotors that send out lasers that the sensors on the headset catch. This allows the headset to know where it is in space. But the upcoming design will only feature a single rotor. Vive Base Station design difference below.

Vive Base Station

According to Valve engineer Ben Jackson:

“What better way to make [the Base Station] lighter, quieter, cheaper, and more power efficient, than to chop out half the parts?”

Vive Base Station

If this is indeed one way of making the base station a little cheaper than this could be motivation for some people that were missing out on the VR experience due to the high price to join in the action. I am sure if prices are reduced there will be some people that will be tempted to buy the device but with the Vive out for so long now people might be waiting for the second generation of the VR headset to come out before they make a purchase decision.