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Source 2 Will Not Work With CS:GO, Some Rework in Progress

The Counter-Strike community has for long been awaiting to see the technological offerings of the Source 2 engine. It appears that the wait was for nothing since any prevailing issues of CS:GO will not be solved by simply moving the game over to the Source 2 engine.

Holding an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit yesterday, co-founder and president of Valve Gabe Newell clarified the misconception that is Source 2 and CS:GO.

Responding to the question of when we’re likely to see the new engine come out for the first-person shooter, Newell said that Source 2 is merely “a bunch of system rewrites”. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive borrows features from Source 2 on “individual merits”.

Newell confirmed that there is some rework in progress such as the game’s user interface which is built on the technology of the company’s new game engine. Likewise other features that Valve marks for improvements will be given the Source 2 treatment as well.

On the other hand, there are various aspects of Source 2 that will never work right for CS:GO. To further clarify the relationship between the two elements, Newell quoted the following anecdote.

“When we used to be approached about Source 2 at Majors we would ask “what is it that you’re hoping Source 2 will do for CSGO” and for a while the response was “I expect hitboxes will be better.” Moving everything to Source 2 would not actually solve that problem. We just went ahead and spent time working on better hitboxes.”

Elsewhere in the AMA, the president of Valve confirmed that 2017 will see the development team working on bug-fixes as well as several new features for the game. This includes a robust anti-cheat system to cleanse the community and replacing the UI with Panorama.

He also reiterated that about 20-30 employees work on CS:GO. There are no plans to increase the team-size.