Player Manages To Solo Destiny Boss Aksis At Old Level Cap

Players keep on trying to figure out new ways to defeat the Destiny boss, Aksis. It seems like one such player might have figured out an interesting way to accomplish that.

The Destiny boss, Aksis, is part of the Wrath of the Machine raid and one of the toughest bosses in game. However, players have managed to defeat him solo at the level cap of 400 Light.

This new player who goes by the name Gladd did one better and actually managed to defeat Aksis by reverting back to the old level cap of 385 Light and then defeating Aksis by doing the raid solo.

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Many players attempted defeating Aksis by themselves before the introduction of Wrath of the Machine heroic mode which increased the level cap to 400 but they all failed, until now.

Gladd has even uploaded his run of the Destiny boss fight clearly showing his 385 Light level. The biggest challenge he seems to have faced was during the end phase of the fight where players need to dish out an insane amount of damage to drain Aksis’ last remaining health before he unleashes his instant kill attack.

The release of the latest Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron had been pretty average and the player base continues to dwindle as there is somewhat of a content draught in game right now. Despite all that, dedicated players still return to the game to accomplish such amazing feats.

Bungie has promised at least another year of content for Destiny, although there is no detail as to when that will be available.

There is no word about a Destiny sequel but an announcement regarding it might happen late this year.