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New Persona 5 Trailer Shows Palace Gameplay

Atlus has released a new Persona 5

">trailer showcasing more gameplay features including Palace infiltrations and how to counter Shadows.

Palaces, Persona 5’s version of dungeons from previous Persona games, are multilayered structures filled with intricate puzzles for players to solve. Unlike previous games, Palaces in Persona 5 will not be randomly generated.

As the Persona 5 trailer shows, palaces will be a way for player’s and their allies to enter the target’s hearts and steal the treasure which is the core of the target’s desires.

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During their Palace infiltrations, the Persona 5 trailer shows players will encounter resistance in the form of Shadows, sort of a part of the target’s subconscious designed to protect their desires.

Players can either take down unsuspecting shadows using stealth or go head to head against them in team combat, with each Shadow possessing different strengths and weaknesses.

Damaging and defeating a Shadow can also give players the opportunity to talk to them in exchange for valuables such as money and items.

The new Persona 5 trailer also gives a new look at the Persona change system where players will acquire multiple personas throughout the game and then will be able to switch between them.

Persona 5 will put players in the shoes of troubled teenagers who live in Tokyo, during day time they are average high-schoolers but moonlight as the Phantom Thieves wielding immense Persona powers to steal.

Persona 5 is scheduled to be released in US and EU on 4th April. The franchise recently managed to cross the 6.9 million unit sales mark and the release of Persona 5 will continue to boost the figure through the sheer install base of PS4.

The game has gone through numerous delays when it comes to the western release although the Japanese version was released in September last year.