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New Space Exploration Game “Astroneer” Hits Top Of Steam Charts

A new space exploration game that many are calling a “correct” version of No Man’s Sky has reached the top of the Steam charts, passing even Counter Strike: Global Offensive and other indie games such as H1Z1 and The Forest. The game, called Astroneer, placed first in the weekly charts on Steam.

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No Man’s Sky released last summer and quickly became the codifier for an overhyped and overly-ambitious game that didn’t live up to all that was promised. In addition to the reportedly “boundless” universe feeling extremely empty, with there being only three other alien species to interact with (not to mention the fact that each player was alone and thus couldn’t explore the galaxy with their friends), there was next to nothing of what had been promised by Hello Games.

The studio’s month-long silence on social media following the game’s release didn’t help matters.

Astroneer, however, appears to be what gamers have been looking for. Getting the coveted “Very Positive” review summary on Steam, the game promises diverse worlds, terrain manipulation, building factories to create a galactic economy, customize everything you own and, above all, play with your friends or anyone else that you happen to cross paths with.

While the game doesn’t appear to have any aliens in it, Astroneer is still in pre-alpha Early Access, so there’s no telling what the studio will end up adding to it in the future. However, the promise there is enough for many Steam gamers that have been burned by No Man’s Sky’s PC version to try and gave the space exploration genre another chance.

While Astroneer is expected by the developers to stay in Early Access for another year or two, it may end up being an even better version of No Man’s Sky, unless Hello Games can improve the game fast enough. And even then, the reputation they got from the game’s release may be too much for them to break out of.