What Does Gabe Newell Think of Pornographic Content on Steam?

GabeN held an AMA session on Reddit earlier and discussed plenty of different topics. He walked about Half-Life, VR, Portal, New IP, Steam and much more.

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Also, one interesting question regarding pornographic content on Steam came from a Reddit user. It is an important question because there are games that feature such content and Valve allows it to remain on its platform.

What is Valve doing to protect its underage user base as well as allow developers to have the freedom to add such content in their games when necessary.

According to Gabe Newell, Steam needs uncurated distribution tools for developers. The second thing they need is the toolset that allows customers to find or filter such content.

Battlechili1 asked:

As it stands, games like Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning and Ladykiller in a Bind are being sold on Steam already, and they could easily be argued as being games containing pornographic content, so at the very least the line right now is a little fuzzy on what you’d consider okay and not okay for Steam as a platform. It’d be much appreciated if you could explain how you decide what content should and should not be sold on Steam.
…..Additionally, I ask this as I’m getting tired of porn games getting releases on Steam censored without any content patch to put the content that the original developers of the game intended back into the game.

GabeN replied with the following:

In principle, there are two problems to solve. The first is a completely uncurated distribution tool for developers. The second is a toolset for customers that allow them to find and filter content (and people are an instance of content most obviously in multiplayer) that is best for them.

How do you think Valve can improve filtration of Pornographic Content on Steam?