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Final Nioh Beta Upcoming Exclusively For Japan [Updated]

Update: The Nioh beta is no longer exclusive to Japan as the European PSN just got updated and EU users can now download the 7GB beta

For those too eager to jump into the game, another Nioh beta is planned and will go live on 21st January and run till 22nd January as the Dark Souls clone from Koei Tecmo approaches release.

However, the new Nioh beta, final one before the game launch, is exclusive only to Japan unlike the previous one where users from NA and Europe could take part as well.

Thankfully, despite being available only on the Japanese PSN store, the beta isn’t IP locked so anyone can create a free Japanese PSN account and try out Nioh one final time and decide whether they want to buy it or not before the game launches in February.

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Interested players will be able to start downloading the beta a day early on 20th January and the beta is set to go live at midnight on 21st.

According to the Japanese PlayStation Blog page, the Nioh beta will also feature multiplayer even for those who don’t have a PS Plus subscription.

As a reward for playing the beta, once the final game launches those who have the Nioh beta saved data stored will get some pretty cool masks as rewards including a devil mask.

Just a few days ago it was revealed that the action-RPG developed by Team Ninja has gone gold and there will be no further delay as the game is all set up for a February release starting on 7th for US.

A live stream event for the game is also planned for 20th January where the game director Yosuke Hayashi will share some gameplay information and explain some of the features that set the game apart from games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

The event will be streamed live on Nico Nico Live as well as YouTube at 10PM Japanese time.