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Ziggs ADC Registers Second-Highest Win-Rate in League of Legends

Let it be known that Ziggs ADC now features a massive 54.69 percent win-rate in League of Legends, becoming the second-most successful champion in the role.

Details about the mounting success of Ziggs in his new role comes through which analyzed data for the current Patch 7.1 from Platinum to Challenger-level games across North America, Europe, and Korea.

The Hexplosives Expert features a 6.16 percent pick-rate which is higher than Varus, Tristana, Sivir, and Corki. He falls just behind Ashe and Twitch who are at a 6.44 and 6.91 percent pick-rate respectively. Considering the sudden popularity of Ziggs as an AD Carry, his pick-rate is likely to increase in the coming weeks.

His ban-rate is also subject to a massive surge. Ziggs is now the most-banned marksman in League of Legends with an almost 13 percent ban-rate. Draven places second in this list with just 8 percent.

Between his primary role of mage and unorthodox role of marksman, Ziggs is being picked to perform duties of the latter close to 40 percent of the times in all of his games.

Having the second-most highest win-percentage certainly reflects his success as an AD Carry. While Kog’Maw boasts the highest win-percentage in the marksman department, he also registers one of the lowest pick-rates in the game. Miss Fortune follows closely with a 53.9 percent win-rating while Twitch comes next with 53.52 percent.

Earlier this month, game systems designer Riot Axes stated that the team is well aware of the new Ziggs trend. However, a discussion on the champion is yet to happen. As it is, if he is found to be too overbearing in the bottom lane then he’s obviously going to be nerfed in the near future.

The statistics speak for themselves. Ziggs ADC is relevant to the current meta of League of Legends. He’s being picked by professionals in high-ranking games due to his tower-eating habits. Taking into account the surge in both of his pick- and ban-rates, Riot Games is likely to tweak the champion in the coming patches.